Breathe life into your device
Where hardware meets software.

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Breathe life into your device
Breathe life into your device
Where hardware meets software.

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Provided services

Hardware Requirement Consulting

You know the requirement of your final product but you are unsure which hardware to choose to match the requirements?
Hardware development is a tradeoff of cost and board complexity vs. performance. Another aspect to take into consideration is device obsolescence and available driver support.
We can support you to select a sufficient processor/SOC for your functional requirements and give advice for good supported peripheral device selection.

Custom Operating System Setups and Hardware Drivers

You have your hardware in-place and need low-level drivers for certain device or functional groups? We can provide you with new Linux™ Kernel drivers if needed or adapting existing drivers to suit your purpose.
You have a Linux™ distribution build system provided by your hardware vendor and need customization of the build steps, integration of your software or updates? We can provide you with Linux™ system customization, special network setups or update mechanism.

Media Playback and Streaming Solutions

We can provide video decoding and encoding solutions for multiple platforms, including hardware accelerated decoding/encoding if the hardware supports it.
We can provide streaming solutions for audio and video (or mux'ed streams) with low latency or wall-clock sync'ed playback as well as integration of 3rd party streams (like TV).

User Interfaces

The UI could be a unique selling point for your product. This is what the customer get's in touch with and what makes the product appealing.
We can build fluid and impressive graphical UIs for any platform including mobile platforms including video and audio integration.
We can provide you with a full service UI integration including designs and implementation as well as implementing an existing design.
If you are looking for touch drivers for new touch controller chips, multi-touch UI controls or integration of custom input devices we can help you.


Skills and Key Features

Debian™ / Yocto Project™ / Buildroot

We are specialized on creating custom Debian™ images with custom Linux™ kernel builds. This includes stripped-down package setups so you get the image as small as possible, customizing packages if needed with special patches or compiler setups.
Apart from Debian™ we can also help you with any other exisiting Linux™ distribution. We also customize Yocto Project™ and Buildroot setups. This might be an update for recipes, integration custom software build steps and patches for exisiting builds.

Linux™ Kernel Development

We are developing Linux™ kernel drivers for any hardware that you want to integrate. We fix and upstream drivers for already supported hardware that does not work as expected.
We have expertise in developing drivers for any available architecture.
We are well equipped with electrical measurement devices so we can debug hardware issues along with the driver implementation.

Multimedia with GStreamer / FFmpeg™

We have several years of experience with custom multimedia solutions based on the GStreamer framework. We can provide you glue code to attach your custom applications to GStreamer libraries.
Apart from GStreamer we have also done development based on FFmpeg™, so we can provide you with special features for this framework as well.

Cross Platform User Interfaces with Flutter™ SDK or Qt™/QML

We have several years of experience building complex UIs based upon the Qt™/QML framework. This includes UIs for Laptop/Desktop systems, for mobile platforms and embedded devices.
We have implemented UIs based on the Flutter™ SDK, including integration with the Rust language through flutter_rust_bridge crate for backend implementations.
We can also help you integrating any backend system with the UI. We are building solutions for video playback integration, audio playback integration, remote device controls as well as sophisticated hardware accelerated animations with custom GL or Shader code.


In depth knowledge of firmware coding for XMOS™, especially for AVB (IEEE 1722 ) integration. We have also done successful AVB integration with several other devices and toolkits.


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