Our Profession

Henneberg – Systemdesign is a company with focus on software development. This includes applications, UIs (User Interfaces), libraries, kernel drivers, embedded platforms …

We have wide experience in development for C / C++ / Java / Ruby /Qt on Linux Platforms as well as in Cross-Platform development, means we develop applications that run on any Linux, Windows or Mac machine without substantial changes in the code.

We have several years experience in software design and development for IFE (In-flight Entertainment) and CMS (Cabin Management System). We have developed UIs as well as media distribution (streaming) software and client/server solutions for device controls.

We have done kernel drivers for several input devices (touchscreens), video serialzer with i2c tunneling as well as changes to 3rd party drivers like video drivers.

We have experience in M2M maintenance solutions. Read more on the projects page.

Besides pure software development we also offer OS customization of Linux Platforms. Means we create a Linux distribution including software packages, customized Kernel Builds and customized deployment. The best way to get maximum performance from your device.